Legend of the Dragon Gate

When a small Koi fish named Gu discovers that his home and friends are in danger he learns from the beautiful Phoenix that he must embark on the journey of a lifetime against all odds to do the impossible… Become a Dragon!

Based on timeless Chinese folklore ‘Legend of the Dragon Gate’ inspires children of all ages with a simple lesson that has echoed across the globe for thousands of years: With courage, love, and perseverance all things are possible!

A note from the creator…

I’ve been fascinated with Asian culture since I was a kid. I started Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art when I was nine and when I started competing shortly thereafter I had a chance to enjoy all the different facets of this singular cultural export. From Thailand’s Muay Thai to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a uniquely adapted Japanese style, to Chinese Kung Fu they all had one thing in common, the spirit of the Dragon.

The spirit of the Dragon, as I see it, is the belief that anyone anywhere, big or small, young or old can commit themselves, physically, mentally, and in spirit to a path that will turn them into someone who has the ability and wisdom to defend themselves and others when needed, to stand up for what’s right, to become a dragon.

When I finally came across the ancient Dragon myth that inspired Legend of the Dragon Gate I felt like I’d found the root of all underdog stories, every story of someone setting out against impossible odds on a selfless quest, the source of the Dragon spirit. That story stayed in the back of my mind, growing into Legend of the Dragon Gate. I hope my story inspires you as much as the myth and culture of China have inspired me. The idea that a ancient tale from the other side of the world can continue to resonate, undiminished in the 21st century is in my opinion the ultimate testament to the common underlying values we all share.

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PJ Tamayo has spent nearly a decade as an award winning film and show writer and concept artist. He has been privileged to work with global entertainment leaders, including Disney, Marvel, and Universal more...

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